Get all four (4) of my favorite scents for one low price and SAVE OVER $5.00! Shrimp, Mullet, Blue Crab with the Inshore Mix to complete the set. You will be getting four (2) 2oz bottles in each flavor. This kit will last a long-time and you will be able to dial in the best scent for your area! I love ALL these scents and keep them with me at all times. They are small and store easy.

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How I started using Pro-Cure Super Gel

I first learned about Pro-Cure Gels by watching Flats Class TV out of Tampa. Capt Richards had Pro-Cure on all his shows back then so I figured I would give it a try because he swore it really made the bite more aggressive. I quickly learned there is a reason why Capt Richards is a successful guide and television personality because he knows what he is talking about.

Been using Pro-Cure Super Gel for years

That was several years ago and I have been using Pro-Cure Super Gels since. Most of the time I lean heavy on the shrimp but seem to be using the mullet more. Of course I can catch plenty of fish without scent. I mean the stuff isn’t magic you still have to find the fish but when you do it makes a noticeable difference. On top water I find you will get a fish to come back more often after a miss strike. So many times I would get one boil behind the top water and that’s it… but with the gel I know to stop for a second and wait. More times than not it gets hammered.

There is never a cast where I don’t use Pro-Cure Super Gels when throwing soft plastics when fishing for spotted trout, redfish, snook, flounder and snapper. On flats where mullet are on the menu I will switch over to Pro-Cure Mullet Super Gel. So I always keep both Shrimp and Mullet at arms length and my blue crab is in my bag for when I get on some snobby redfish.

I just squeeze a little dab on the back half of the bait and rub it all over with the tip of the bottle. I never have to touch it or get it all over my clothes etc. It is thicker than catchup and pretty gooey so it is easy to keep on the bait. It is pretty oily too so the scent stays on for many many casts. I only reapply once you can see the “shine” is gone.

How I know it really works

On my soft baits I use it all the time because the bite to hookup ratio is almost 100% because the baits get hammered when covered in scent. I fish exclusively on a kayak now but owned a 22ft Mako Bayshark for years. I would bring my wife and son on family fishing trips targeting trout. During one of the trips I set us all up on the same 3″ paddle tails. When I found the fish I would put scent on just one jig just to see if there was a noticeable difference. I would fish with that rod, then pass it to my son, then my wife and we all felt the jig with the scent was the hot bait and the fish would just hammer it compared to the non-scented setups. It wasn’t long before everyone on the boat was grabbing for the bottle ending my little scent test. That was the day I was sold and have never been on the water with out it.

How long does a bottle of Pro-Cure Shrimp Super Gel last?

I buy the big bottles and they last a long time. So long I can not remember when I bought it. I think maybe over a year ago? The 2oz size is more than enough to decide if it is something that works for you.

This four (4) bottle kit is the best way to get started. Give them a shot and let me know which ones work best in your area and I will hook you up with a super deal on the big boy size! If you have any questions just email me or give me a DM on intra @yakfishin365

Do you sell other scents?

I only sell the scents I use and that I have personal experience with because everything on my site has to be something I use and catch fish with or I can testify that I have seen proof that it works. So, if you have a scent that you use and want to give me an endorsement that I can publish on my site I can start stocking that scent so you can get the same awesome Yakfishin pricing on your favorite flavor.

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