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Why Kayak Fishing? Well I have been messing around for a while with the idea of starting a site so I can keep my self busy and maybe even make a dollar or two. Everything I have researched says that if you really want to monetize a site you need to keep it real, be honest and pick a topic that you are not only passionate about but an expert.

So with that I made a list of things I am passionate about… baseball, food and fishing quickly became my top three and without much pondering fishing won. But I still had a problem, was I an expert? I don’t fish for a living, I am not a guide or even have my captains license so I was not convenience I had enough to offer. or enough authority to provide anything with value.

Not a Professional: Recreational Expert

I got to thinking… I am a pretty accomplished recreational fisherman. I am almost 50 and have been fishing since I could walk. For over two decades I have hundreds of hours paddling around chasing snook, redfish and specks. I also have gone after snapper, grouper, flounder and tarpon all from my kayak, paddle board or my solo canoe that I have converted to the ultimate paddle fishing craft. I have entered and won more than one amateur tournament and whenever I fish with someone else I hold my own more often than not.

When I first moved to the gulf coast of Florida I knew nothing about fishing down here. I grew up on the Atlantic coast of New Hampshire fishing for flounder, striped bass, blue fish and tommy cod. But really spent my youth catching trout in rivers and streams.

I learned how to fly fish when I was 10 and even tied my own flies. I had two patterns. A mickey fin and a red and white. They were bucktails and I tied them exactly the same. Both had silver tinsel bodies and black thread. One was yellow and red and the other… well it was red and white.

By fifteen I was tying dozens of patterns from nymphs to tandem steamers. From gray ghosts to muddler minnows I was always trying to find the next best thing. But over the years I can say that the two patterns I started out with have stayed with me. They were simple yet effective and I can honestly say I probably caught more trout on those two flies than all the others combined. They where my go to patterns and when I tied one on I always new the chance of bringing home a trout was good.

Kayak Fishing: Keep it Simple

So from a very young age I cultivated the idea that simple could be effective. But as I got older and my income increased so did my opportunity to try the latest and greatest.

Moving to Florida and fishing the clear blue water was always a dream so I tried everything under the sun as I learned my local waters. I lost my way in regards to keeping it simple and tried everything and anything to gain an edge. Including many outboards, riptide trolling motors, powerpoles etc. Over the years I have filled my garage with stuff and that is where it all sits today. I have come to realize what the teenage me already knew. There is something special about keeping it simple. Now most of my days are a couple of poles, a few jig heads and a paddle.

On this site I will try to share all the simple and not so simple things I have done in the past 40 years with an attempt to pass on the lessons learned. I will not only share my successes but my failures as that was usually when I learned the most. My focus will be on kayak fishing and everything around being successful out on the water.

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